Goldwell Awards Ceremony

Immerse yourself in a world of colour with Goldwell’s 2013 collection, ‘Beautify’.


Where others saw rustic, recycled and raw, Goldwell saw beauty and extravagance in colour, shapes and style. Simmer on the Bay was transformed into a walk-in artwork of imagination by finding the beauty within raw elements. Goldwell had preconceived thoughts of what their theming would entail and their partnership with Funktionality simply ignited their ideas to life.


Above all, the industrial warehouse range of palette seating, oil barrel tables lit from within, and milk crate ottomans truly inspired the new trend and challenge of refining raw objects and contrasting textures. Architecturally styled tyre coffee tables and vintage ladders were adorned with fairy lights and wool, bringing to life the rustic beauty within odds and ends. Pillars were decorated with knitted graffiti, and a flower gobo palette wall gathered crowds to admire Goldwell’s spectacular Colourzoom competition photo display. The stage was embellished with a graffiti-styled fascia and the lectern decorated with a unique wool stitched pattern, injecting colour to otherwise ordinary objects. This custom built, eco friendly and recycled set up also saw the bare venue brought to life with floral artistry, hanging ferns and decorative vines hanging like street art. Beyond doubt, the main features of the night were the ceiling installations and bicycle aerials styled to inspire beauty within all things rustic, recycled and raw.


The aesthetics of the evening was accompanied by entertainment by the Martini Club, quirky performers dishing out candy floss, as well as Simmer on the Bay’s venue and catering. Guests were continuously entertained and the night’s success and memorable moments lay testimony to Funktionality’s stylistic flair and meticulous preparation. It was the perfect mix and match exhibition of bringing life, colour and beauty to typical miscellaneous collections and junkyard elements.