Decorative Accessories

In this section you will find all of those often overlooked event essentials such as barriers, bollards, fencing, mushroom heaters and umbrellas, that aren’t necessarily required for styling.


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  • assorted brass and copper items Assorted Brass & Copper Pots


  • brass buckets various sizes Assorted Brass Buckets
  • assorted tin buckets Assorted Tin Buckets
  • Bamboo Ladder Bamboo Ladder

    Description: This Bamboo Ladder can be used to accentuate a theme for your event, as well as being an elegant accessory, when teamed with other items from our accessory range.

  • Bamboo Torches Bamboo Torches

    Description: These Bamboo Torches are guaranteed to add ambiance to outdoor entertaining, with two different sizes available, order them today.

  • Bathroom Package Bathroom Packages

    Description: Often overlooked when styling an event, some simple flowers and hand towels can go a long way towards sprucing up the most dreary of bathrooms. They can continue the elegance or theme of your event throughout this high traffic area. Bathroom … View

  • Bridal Archway Bridal Archway

    Description: Typically appearing in white, this delicate bridal archway looks great covered in cascading flowers or a naturel. It could also be white draped. An archway makes an excellent framing feature for the bride and groom throughout their wedding ceremony. … View

  • Red Carpet Runner (35) copy Carpets and Rugs

    We have a variety of coloured carpet runners for that red carpet style entrance and some plush designer carpets and rugs for adding  texture,  colour or even some home-style comfort to your next event.  

  • Silver Marrocan Lanterns Green Centrepieces

    Transform tables and bar surfaces from something functional into something beautiful, using our custom-styled centrepieces. We listen to the client’s needs and expectations to come up with a centerpiece design that will be suited to the event in  both style and budget.