Candle Holders

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  • Beaten Silver Metallic Tea Light Holder Beaten Silver Metallic Tea Light Holder
  • Chinese Candle Holder Chinese Candle Holder

    Description: The Chinese Candle Holder comes with frosted red glass votives embellished with an Asian symbol and a teak-look, curved wooden base. Just a  small tea-light brings them to life with a serene glow. They are a great theming device, perfect for … View

  • Moroccan Tealight Holder Moroccan Tealight Holder

    Description: A great way to spice up table decor for a Moroccan or Bollywood themed event. Red glass votives create a colourful glow,with ethnic beaded decoration adding exotic detail.  

  • White Candle Holder White Candle Holder

    Description: This large white candle holder would make a great table centrepiece for your special event. It can hold a single candlestick and help illuminate the room, or alternatively be styled in new and innovative ways to inspire guests and … View

  • white metal lantern White Metal Lantern
  • content-2355-l Wooden Base Square Candle Holder

    These geometric candle holders have an angular wooden base with a square frosted shade. They are a striking accent on bars and table tops at contemporary events.