Drapes & Screens

Drapes are a fantastic way to transform a room for an event, instantly improving the character of the space. Use simple black or chiffon draping or choose more unusual coloured or themed screens to create a new environment and ambience.

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  • Bamboo Screen Bamboo Screen

    Description: Bamboo Screening is fabulous as a backdrop or for partitioning an area at an event. Seen below,  it is dressed with floral decals for a Hawaiian themed party.   Measurements: 1.8 x 0.9 m

  • Black Draping Black Draping

    Description: Black draping is extremely versatile and adaptable. Suitable for any event requiring a plain backdrop or partitioning, it transforms a room into the ideal blank canvas.   Measurements: 3 x 3 m

  • Black Flocked Screen Black Flocked Screen

    Descriptions: The Black Flocked Screen is semi-transparent silk stretched over a frame. The patterned fabric looks stunning when gently illuminated from behind and works well to decoratively partition the area behind a bar or cloakroom.  

  • Chiffon Draping Chiffon Draping – Assorted Colours

    Descriptions: The soft and flowing fabric used for Chiffon Draping is excellent for both functional and decorative draping. The silky drapes are available in a wide range of colours and give a room a graceful and elegant ambience. White chiffon … View

  • Coloured Silks Coloured Silks

    Description: Coloured silks are a simple and effective way to create impact and drama. Bright blocks of colour break up the space and look particularly spectacular at night when lit up from below.  

  • Crystal String Curtain Crystal String Draping

    Description: Crystal String Draping is a fun way to divide space at an event. As the strings gently move, the sparkly crystal beads shimmer and gleam in the light.   Measurements: 3 x 2.2 m

  • Gold Art Deco Screen Gold Art Deco Screen

    Description:  The Gold Art Deco Screens are fantastic for a 1920′s or 30′s themed event.  The geometric motif and lavish gold colour are typical of Art Deco style, oozing luxury, glamour and exuberance.   Measurements: 1.2 x 2.4 m  

  • Ivy Mat Ivy Mat

    Description: This Ivy Mat can be used as a feature wall or as a screen to separate large spaces.   Measurements: 3m x 1m

  • Marquee Drapings Marquee Draping

    Descriptions: Marquee Draping transforms the interior of your marquee into an impressive and stylish venue. There are many design options, fabrics and colours available so speak to one of our event managers today to create a truly spectacular space for … View