Plinths are great way to display the products being showcased at your next product launch. They can also be used to frame an entrance way or elevate a decorative feature or floral arrangement at your special events.


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  • Black Glossy Plinths Black Glossy Plinths

    Description: These black glossy plinths are the perfect way to showcase your products at your next event or simply act as a stand for whatever you wish to display.

  • Decals on Plinths Decals on Plinths

    Description: Let these customized plinths do the talking at your next exhibition or product launch by scattering personal images and logos throughout your venue. Decals on plinths are a unique and effective way to highlight your products and more importantly, your brand. … View

  • _tnUntitled-2 copy Illuminated Plinths
  • Mirrored Plinths Mirrored Plinths

    Description: For the perfect touch of style and glamour to your next event, check out the gorgeous mirrored plinths to not only act as a stand but highlight whatever you have on display. Bold, colourful florals look exceptionally well atop these reflective … View

  • White Plinths White Plinths – Various Sizes Available

    Description: For simplicity and class, these white plinths are the perfect choice for your next event, whatever it may be. With assorted sizes available and plain in a refreshingly white colour, they offer a world of versatility making them a … View