Glow Furniture

Our Glow Furniture has arrived in Australia from the shores of Italy and is “MOLTO BELLO!” This range of luminous polyethylene furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors. These pieces can be styled in a variety of combinations or colours, making them ideal for almost any event. Products available include ottomans, sofas, snack bars, snake lounges and glow balls that can be used as centrepieces or decorative features. Also available in this range is the Aqua Globe, which is a floating watertight, luminous sphere that can be used as part of a glowing water display.

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  • Aqua Globes Aqua Globes

    Description: Let Aqua Globes light up your next al fresco function but floating in a pool or water feature. Available in two sizes – 40cm and 60cm they will create ambiance in the most unlikely of places. Available for hire … View

  • Glow Ball Centrepiece Glow Ball Centrepiece


  • Glow Balls Glow Balls – Assorted Sizes

    Description: Glow Balls will light up your next event! Available in full and half balls in various sizes, the balls are all lit from the inside. Available for hire to style your next function.   Measurements: Various sizes available

  • Glow Cubes Glow Cubes

    Description: The Glow Cubes will make your evening function pop! Make from durable resin these cubes are lit from within and will be sure to grab your guests’ attention. Each cube stands 45cm high and can be lit up with … View

  • Glow Rap Lounge Glow Rap Lounge

    Description: The Glow Rap Lounge will light up any room and will be sure to make a strong impression with your guests.  Each lounge is 1.7m long by 80cm high. Available for hire to style your next event.

  • Glow Round Ottoman Glow Round Ottoman

    Description: The Glow Round Ottoman features a padded top with resin base that is lit from the inside. Each ottoman is 1.5m round by 50cm high and offer a funky alternative seating option. Available for hire to style your next … View

  • Glow Semicircle Bar Glow Semicircle Bar

    Description: The Glow Semicircle Bar features three curved bar pieces that are lit from the inside. This bar can also be customised with a decal featuring your company brand or logo. Grab your guests’ attention with this striking bar. Available … View

  • Glow Snack Bar Glow Snack Bar

    Description: The Glow Snack Bar can be congifured in a number of different ways, allowing you to have a striking feature no matter what space you are working with. Each piece is 1.7m by 1m high. Available for hire to style … View

  • Glow Snake Lounge Glow Snake Lounge

    Description: The curved Glow Snake Lounge will add a chic and modern vibe to your next event with clean lines and bold illumination, especially at night. Used as bench-style seating or drink perches at cocktail events, the will be a great … View