Interactive Entertainment

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  • content-3792-l Caricaturist

    Why not give your guests a souvenir of your spectacular event, something they can treasure and remember long after it ends? A caricature illustration is the perfect way to do so, and our experienced caricaturist will be sure to inject … View

  • Original Cultural band_tn Costumed Band and Dancers

    Our costumed band and dancers are the perfect addition to your next themed event. They are available to suit a variety of themes and ensure that your guests are thoroughly entertained throughout the course of the event. Their interactivity with … View

  • B.K.-121_tn Flaring Bartenders

    Flaring bartenders will add excitement to your event by dazzling guests with their showmanship. Using elements of fire and juggling, they are able to entertain and perform tricks, all while mixing your favourite concoction of alcoholic beverages!  

  • content-3889-l Flower Head Mimes

    These flower head mimes dance graciously throughout the duration of your event, entertaining guests with their choreography and unique appearance. With a variety of costumes to choose from, they’re sure to be a hit at your next special event!  

  • content-3783-l Fortune Teller

    Perfect for themed events, our fortune teller will shock your guests with her mystic accuracy. Using ancient methods such as tarot reading, her ability to predict the future will be sure to amaze and stun!  

  • content-3892-l MC and Handwriting Analysis

    What does your handwriting say about you? You may be intrigued to learn that it says more than you think! Our MC and handwriting analysis expert will educate your guests on this unique art in a fun and entertaining way. … View

  • _tn110830-032 Movable Feasts

    These beautifully costumed actors glide about your event with their movable bar. They dispense champagne and pleasantries that are just as light and bubbly. Available to suit a range of different themes, their impeccable service and interaction with guests will … View

  • content-3841-l Roving Entertainers

    Our extensive range of roving entertainers glide about your event, interacting with your guests. Whether you’re looking for showgirls, impersonators, or quirky characters, our variety of actors are available to suit any theme and are sure to thrill!  

  • speed painter entertainment Speed Painter

    Our skilled speed painter will amaze your guests with his incredible ability to create masterpieces in a matter of minutes! Intricately detailed illustrations all completed before your eyes, this spectacular artist is sure to wow in his jaw-dropping performance.