10 themes to watch for the remainder of 2020 and beyond

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1 Subtle with a Statement

Though hardly a secret, 2020 styling is all about refined elegance; think simplistic table settings and subtle florals with one statement installation piece to grab people’s attention. lt’s still elegant, just not quite so ostentatious.

2 From Muted to Magnificent

For those who aren’t quite ready to part ways with extravagant styling, don’t fear! Not every 2020 styling trend is built on the foundation of relaxed simplicity. 2019 floral trends saw muted tones and dusty shades, but that’s all going to change in 2020 with a comeback of bold colours and the reappearance of bright and bodacious blooms.

3 Custom Signage

Custom neon signage shows no sign of stopping as Clients want to create a sense of arrival and drama. Custom signage in general continues to prove especially popular with clients.

4 Feathery Foliage, Wild Florals and Everlasting Blooms

Let’s talk about 2020 floral trends. We’ve been madly in love with whimsical parades, and it seems the world over are finally catching up. Swapping traditional roses and peonies for delicate wildflowers and billowing grasses to create an ethereal ambience. Another floral styling trend predicted for 2020 is using  flowers that were made to last; dried offerings have an authentic, rustic feel while origami flowers are a budding trend thanks to their potential to be kept and reused.

5 Outdoor lndoor

Bringing the outdoors into smaller, boutique spaces with floral tints and greenery, dreamy lighting and earthy patterns and textures creates a level of intimacy and openness.

6 Attention to Sustainability

“Going Green” is hardly new, but 2019 was the year climate change moved to the forefront of our priorities. With the recent wildfires happening right in our backyards, we are all thinking more holistically about what we can do to improve our impact. From using alternatives to single-use plastic, to offering more plant-based consumables. These small steps will drive the industry forward towards reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the earth.

7 A Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

Expect to see an increased commitment to create more diverse and inclusive events in 2020. When planning events, you need to keep in mind that there is no conventional attendee. Diversity and inclusion go way beyond race and ethnicity; it spans age, genders, religion, language, physical ability, and more.

8 The Thought that Counts

2020 is going to be the year of delicate and personalised styling. More people will be tailoring their style to reflect their individual taste by integrating subtle touches.

9 People Crave Human Connection

This year, experiences will continue to define events. People crave connection and this is exactly why your event needs to have immersive experiences. Ultimately, you want people to be able to interact at your event in a way they have never before.

10 Ballrooms are Out Unique Venues are In

Let’s face it ballrooms can be boring. Moving into 2020, expect to look to venues with sprawling open space and industrial features as blank slates. This will allow you to think outside the box and push your creativity to create one-of-a-kind event experiences.

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